Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In 1848, the English art critic John Ruskin married a lovely woman by the name of Effie Gray. According to historical accounts, when Gray disrobed in front of Ruskin for the first time, on their wedding night, she revealed something he found so repulsive, he was unable to make love to her: public hair. Prior to this unveiling, Ruskin's knowledge of the female form was based largey on the smotth pudenda he'd seen in Greek paintings and sculpture. So when he saw his nude wife had hair down there, it was simply too much for him. The marriage was annulled six years later having never been consummated. Were Ruskin alive today, he probably wouldn't have trouble drumming up empathy for his pubic gross-out. Scores of men nationwide would likey nod in agreement that a gal with a fully grown bush or body hair in general is less than desirable.

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