Oh Captain, My Captain

It's 9 o'clock on a sunny April morning, and my husband and I are scanning the parking lot outside the Dubrovnik Hilton. We're waiting for someone, though we don't know who. Suddenly, a smiling, mustachioed Croatian man approaches.

"This way, this way!" He cheerfully rushes us into his SUV, and without so much as an introduction, peels out of the parking lot. David and I glance at each other, wondering if we should have asked the stranger with a moustache where we are going, or at the very least, clarified that he's taking us on a wine tour.

"So...will anyone else be joining us on this wine tour?" I nervously call up.

"What? Ah! No. It is just us. It is still the off-season, you know."

"Yes. We know." We've been hearing this a lot.

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