Design a Vagina

One cozy night at home, while enjoying a pizza dinner, I flipped on the television just in time to see a close-up shot of a woman's labia being "trimmed" by a surgeon.

"Look!" I shrieked at my fiance, involuntarily crossing my legs. "How can they show that on regular TV?!"

David glanced up from his pepperoni, barely raising an eyebrow. "It's educational," he shrugged.

Yes, you could say that the Broadcasting Commission in Ireland is a bit more relaxed than our ol' FCC in the United States. Since I moved to Dublin last August, I am constantly throwing a hand to my mouth A la Goody Proctor, shocked by what the Irish can get away with. Janet Jackson could not only flash her nipple here, she could shave it and cover it in creamed corn, so long as it was educational.

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